With the new Updates 1.6, humans are now susceptible to the new bleeding condition.

How does it occur?Edit

Bleeding occurs when a human (friend or foe) reaches 0 health by damage from another human. Also, if a survivor reaches 0 health from coming in contact with a burning walker that dies during the same turn, bleeding will also occur.

How does it affect humans?Edit

When bleeding, a human will continue losing health until you heal them by pushing the medic cross above. This will use both Action Points that individual has during that turn. A survivor can also decide to not use any action points during a turn, which will result in he or she automatically healing themselves. When a survivor bleeds, it is unable to enter Overwatch.

The counter next to the medic cross reaching zero will incapacitate the survivor, ending the mission in a failure and giving a heavy damage injury to the survivor, so be careful out there.

Essentially the bleeding state is a second health bar, and it works the same way for your guys and the enemies. If it helps, you might think of the first (green) bar as a shield. When that's away, you get to deal the real damage (the red bar).

It works the same as "struggle" does, without the close walker contact, and with the exception of the self-help option.


Getting into bleeding means you're already past the Bruised and Heavy Injury thresholds. So yes, you're going to lose your "not a scratch" star.


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