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List of current known bugs.

Outpost Beta[]

1. Survivors can raid even when training or injured
2. When you search for a new opponent the game crashes
3. When you lose you some times get no influence
4. When you lose you lose no influence when you should
5. When you retire a survivor that is defending your outpost it replaces with a bugged uncommon warrior LV22
6. Maps with double door's leading to the third area wont allow you to pass (3rd part of the map): Lake map 4/4
7. Even after being raided you can be raided over an over
8. When you have been raided you have to repair your outpost but it does nothing
Anyone noticed if the trade goods production stop after you have been raided and have not yet repaired your outpost ?
9. When you raid you earn only influence an not the whiskey resource even if shown as a reward
10. Some time after completing all of the objective in a raid the raid doesn't end
11. During a raid you will get reconnecting an then the game becomes graphically bugged
12. The loading splash screen during a raid can be clicked through to bring up building in your camp

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Update 1.6[]

The update 1.6 Bug that allow free stars.

TK-421 Administrator 16 febuary 2016

The patch for The Exploit has started rolling out on Android. The patch for iOS will start rolling out tomorrow.



Update 1 6 Free stars BUG