The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Each weapon has its own charge ability. (Each survivor class has its own default charge attack.)

Each time one of your survivors kills a walker, that survivor gets a charge point. When they have killed enough walkers (two or three depending on which class they are in) to charge their ability, their ability bar turns green. To activate their charge ability, tap their bar and choose your target(s).

Charge attacks are limited to one charge attack per survivor per turn.

Bruiser: 2 kills to charge Bruiser charge ability:

  • default charge ability: Smash, which hits a circle around the targeted zombie location, potentially stunning up to 8 zombies.

Scout: 2 kills to charge Scout charge ability:

  • default charge ability: Brain Stab (extra damage)

Warrior: 2 kills to charge Warrior charge ability:

  • default charge ability: Bonus Attack, allowing warrior to move/attack a second time (one AP worth).

Assault: 3 kills to charge Assault charge ability:

  • default charge ability: Stun Attack, stuns every walker in the attack cone. (Tank walkers are stun-resistant)

Hunter: 3 kills to charge Hunter charge ability:

  • default charge ability: Critical Attack, where the shot becomes a guaranteed critical hit.

Shooter: 2 kills to charge Shooter charge ability:

  • default charge ability: : Free attack, grants a bonus shot that doesn't attract walkers and will always be a critical hit. The second shot is a normal one.