The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Editor not working ?[]

You can change the way to edit the wiki.

Source Editor[]

Those that are familiar with Wiki markup (as used on Wikipedia etc.) or HTML can also benefit from the source editor. a. In the "full editor" go to the "source" tab. b. After "blue edit button" select "three horisontal lines to the left of Cancel button" and "Source editor" from there.

When your edit is done you can "show changes" to see your diff in source format or perhaps rather "preview" by clicking either the mobile or the PC. Then Publish when you're happy with the results.

Classic Editor[]

There's three ways to get it:

1. Instead of the "blue edit button" look in the top right corner for "Contribute button" and select "edit this page". 2. Use Internet Explorer because it will open this editor also on "blue button" whereas Chrome and Firefox doesn't. 3. Change the url yourself or bookmark links that ends with "&action=edit" instead of "&veaction=edit".

Actually, you seem to be able to select default editor yourself. See