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Beginner Guide

Damage Guide

Farming XP Guide

Ideal traits

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Playing on PC Guide

Linking Multiple Devices across Multiple Platforms

Edit Guide

Best Practice to Edit the Wiki

Forum Edit

There is an off-game forum with strategy discussions on everything like "how do I pass this mission" and "what should I build first".

Support Edit

The forum has bug reporting threads where you're welcome to post useful workarounds or questions where you belive the community may be of help. To get attention from forum moderators you may try to address them as @Teeceezy @TK-421 @OldGoth

If you have a problem that you believe is not general or that relates to lost game progress or purchases you will probably have better luck trying to contact support directly.

To contact support it is suggested that it's best to do that from within the game.

In the game, Click settings, then options, then contact us.

* Click "settings" (cogwheel top right in camp)
* Click "help" and go into a relevant faq
* Clicking top right icon (a note and plus) will open the feedback form.

If your game doesn't start properly or does not give access to the settings, you may try to

Touch and hold three separated fingers on the screen.

This should work on the load screen if you wait long enough, but is also working in most other screens, such as during a mission (where the help is not otherwise reachable).

Moderators sometimes ask that the issue contains the #twdsupport tag. This may be a signal that it's an issue that is already cleared of confusion and treated with higher prio. Use it with care!

There's also a facebook page for the game. Some have mentioned that as a possible way for bug reports.

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