The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Spring Quest event is from 2019 March 6 to April 3. Players win Spring tokens which they can use to claim rewards (similar to Walker Wonderland). Sources of Spring tokens are:

  • Daily Quests: 20 tokens for completed quest (probably one quest a day will give you reward of Spring tokens)(examples: use charge abilities ×8, assault character(s) kill 60 walkers, bruiser character(s) kill 25 walkers, or Tara kills 25 walkers)
  • Trade shop: 20 tokens, once a day. Purchase with 500 trade goods. (probably unlocks with first restock of the day)
  • Bundle shop:
    • 50 free Spring tokens available Mar 21 to Mar 25. (Spring token gift)
  • Weekly challenge missions (rewards for personal stars)
    • for reaching 10 personal stars: reward of 20 Spring tokens
    • for reaching 110 personal stars: reward of 30 Spring tokens
    • for reaching 220 personal stars: reward of 40 Spring tokens
    • for reaching 350 personal stars: reward of 60 Spring tokens
  • The Distance

Spring Quest rewards are:

  • First reward: 5 radio phones
  • for 100 Spring tokens: 40 gas
  • for 200 Spring tokens: 50 bruiser tokens
  • for 350 Spring tokens: 50 Morgan tokens
  • for 500 Spring tokens: 60 hunter tokens
  • for 650 Spring tokens: 10 radio phones
  • for 800 Spring tokens: 5star Assault armor (with random traits)
  • for 1000 Spring tokens: 5star Assault weapon (with random traits) (8th reward)
  • for (1250?) Spring tokens: 60 Riot gear Glenn tokens (9th reward)
  • for 1500 Spring tokens: 15 radio phones (10th reward)
  • for 1750 Spring tokens: 100 assault tokens (11th reward)
  • for 2000 Spring tokens: 5star Zweihander (new weapon), for bruisers, silver-level Tactical trait, gold-level Lethal trait, and gold-level Razor trait. With special functionality: "normal attacks do not stun, but deal greater damage. Charge attack stuns enemies in a radius around the target. (12th reward)
  • for 2250 Spring tokens: 75 Huntsman Daryl tokens