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27 Survivors Slots V1.6.png

Survivors slots correspond to the number of survivors you can have in your camp. It is possible to get more using gold or buying bundle (the only ways). The current maximum slots is 25. (1.6 update)

With 6 Survivors classes it would be wise to get 12 or more slots, to be able to have 2 of each or any combination of classes you desire. Deadly missions cannot be done without having 6 survivors.

If you retire a survivor you do not lose the equipment it has on.
You also do not lose the slot, you will be able to put a new survivor in the new empty slot.

Update 1.6[]

This update did major changes to survivor slots.

The max number of survivor slots have not been increased. WRONG 20---> 25

The reason why players now have different prices is that now, the amount of slots you have doesn't affect the price. Only the slots you've bought affect it.

So now instead of "15th slots costs x and 16th slots costs y", it's "1st bought slot costs x, 2nd bought slot costs y". This is to fix the issue of the logic unfairly rising prices for players that have received slots from bundles, for example.
Teeceezy Legendary Moderator

Yes, you get plus three slots at no cost when Outposts go live.
Starting with 1.6, only the slots you've paid for separately increase the cost of the new slots. It used to be so that any slots you gained (through bundles) would add to the next slot's cost.
OldGoth Moderator, Staff


Slots Gold V1.5 / V1.6
5 (inital)
6 50 / new cost
7 100 / new cost
8 150 / new cost
9 200 / new cost
10 300 / new cost
11 400 / new cost
12 400 / new cost
13 500 / new cost
14 500 / new cost
15 500 / new cost
16 500 / new cost
17 650 / new cost
18 650 / new cost
19 650 / new cost
20 650 / new cost
21 - / new cost
22 - / new cost
23 - / new cost
24 - / new cost
25 - / new cost


One free slot has been given in update 1.5

The slots obtained with bundle make the cost rise. It might be wise to spend gold to gain a slot before buying a package depending of the current cost of your slot.

A free player using all is gold to upgrade slots, can get to 10 slots pretty quickly.