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The Earhunt community event is worldwide event from 2019 July 22 until August 19. The goal is as a worldwide community is for your scout characters to collect walker ears.

1 walker = 2 ears

Grand prize is for 100 million walker ears (so 50 million walkers).

On August 19 it was announced worldwide total of walker ears was 107,643,702, and that all the event rewards would be given to players in the game.

Rewards to be available starting Tuesday August 20th (claimable for six days). The gas booster will be a free bundle in the shop, collectable anytime before Sunday August 25 (but starting on the 20th.)

walker ears reward
5 M One-day gas booster
10M 2 Reinforcement tokens
20M 60 Scout tokens
30M One-day gas booster (reward will be given as a two-day booster)
60M 5 Reinforcement tokens
100M 60 Huntsman Daryl tokens and a Gold Fragment

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