The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

By watching advertisements videos you are able to get in-game rewards.

Daily Cinema and Reward Videos are separate from one another. Both accrue at a rate of 4 videos every 8 hours.


After unlocking chests and collecting loot after missions there is an option to unlock three more chests. The cost is normally 25 Gold but you sometimes get the option to watch a video for the same reward. After using the video option the payment option is still available with the result of unlocking all 9 chests.

After a limited number of videos used the video option is not available. 4 videos regenerate after 8 hours.


You access the Cinema (also called Theatre) from the World Map to "watch long-lost films to win goods you need to survive". After you watched the video, three boxes appear where you can select only one, with some chance of a gold or silver ticket. Immediately after collecting the reward you can hit play again to see another video and select from three new chests.

There is a limited number of videos until the cinema closes. 4 videos regenerate after 8 hours.